Happy Belated New Year!!!!



Hey guys, Happy New Year!!!! I know, I know. I'm a little late, but you guys still love me though, and better late than never, right??? It's just that I've been partying so much that I am still recovering from all the partying and while I was having so much fun I managed to record some of the fun. You guys are gonna totally love this. So I was with a couple of my friends on New Years and we partied like crazy, and this dude we were with ends up totally passing the fuck out on our couch. I mean he was out completely out cold, we pretty much tortured the shit out of this guy, and he just would not wake up. We took off all his clothes, wrote all over his cock and balls with a permanent marker, took a vast amount of pictures while we did it, we even tied him up and he wouldn't even move. Since we were having so much fun, my friend pretty much dared me to get his dick hard. I don't think she knows me to well, because I did not hesitate to put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him off real good and he still wouldn't wake up. My friends were laughing and going picture crazy. That's when they wanted me to go all the way and have sex with him. I was already hot, so I figured what the fuk , why not??? What's the worst that can happen, he wakes up and there's a girl riding his cock? Pretty good deal if you ask me. Yet even after riding him he still wouldn't wake up!!! I almost thought he was faking it, but he woke right up once he started to cum all over my hands. I must say that must be a great way to start off the New Year!!!

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