Ok, so I was getting tired of all these 19 year old college guys. Sure they are fun but they dont know how to please me. So I needed to find a place where lots of mature and older men hang out. I decided to check out the golf course, I was really looking for a guy that was 40ish, but the only guy that would come with me was 30 something, oh well, good enough for me. Once again we have another guy that was too afraid to show his face, who knows why. So we had to blur him out for his free blowjob. I did'nt know what to expect with this guy, I really was just hoping he did not have sweaty balls from golfing all day. So I unzip his pants and see a pretty decent sized penis, HOWEVER, it had the biggest head ever, it was like a giant mushroom tip the width of a popcan and I could barely fit it inside my mouth. I was kinda curious and wanted to fuck this guy because i've never had anything so thick in my pussy, but since he was just some random guy, i only wanted to give him a blowjob, maybee I will call him up someday in the future. I swallowed his load and the taste of it was actually not too bad at all! I wonder if that has something to do with the mushroom tip, probably not. LOL!

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